Brixel CTF

Brixel CTF writeups: https://github.com/pcotret/ctf-writeups/tree/master/brixelctf-2020 It was quite nice with challenge in several categories. https://ctf.brixel.space/

Lockdown setup - Working with an IPEVO document camera

As most of us, we’re working from home for some time. Here is a quick start guide for the IPEVO V4K document camera. Installation Hardware The camera itself is a plug-and-play device: it’s recognized as a camera. Two buttons on it to enable/disable the autofocus and adjust the exposure. Software Go to https://www.ipevo.com/software/visualizer#download As you can see, the IPEVO visualizer is supported by several platforms: In the following parts, we’ll try to work with the Linux binary and the Chrome plugin

Activate Coresight components in a Yocto environment for the Zedboard

Activate Coresight components - Software side - Method #1 Generate a core-image-minimal Just follow https://pcotret.github.io/yocto-zedboard-101/. When booting this image: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Poky (Yocto Project Reference Distro) 3.0.3 zedboard-zynq7 /dev/ttyPS0 zedboard-zynq7 login: root root@zedboard-zynq7:~# ls /sys/bus/ amba container event_source i2c media nvmem scsi soc usb clockevents cpu gpio iio mmc pci sdio spi virtio clocksource edac hid mdio_bus mmc_rpmb platform serio ulpi workqueue No Coresight components 😢 ​

Aircrack 101 - How to get the password of a WEP/WPA2 session captured in Wireshark

Prerequisites sudo apt install aircrack-ng Some wordlists/dictionaries. Kali Linux has already some of them. WiFi handshakes 101 Introduction from @evilsocket’s Pwnagotchi: https://pwnagotchi.ai/intro/#wifi-handshakes-101 Dictionary-based attack In order to test a PCAP with a given dictionary: 1 aircrack-ng -w <wordlist> <wireshark_file> You have several dictionaries and sample PCAPs extracted from a Kali distro here: https://github.com/pcotret/aircrack-101-material One of them should work with a short dictionary. Find it 😉 Wireshark captures Lots of sample captures are available of Wireshark Gitlab: https://gitlab.